American Flyer Displays & History

The Miami Hall of Science

Leroy JahnAround the end of 1943, Leroy Jahn, a Miami businessman, visited the New York Hall of Science and was greatly impressed with the dramatic presentation of the products displayed in New York.  He decided that he would like to create a similar Hall of Science in Miami.   Gilbert saw the potential for this linking of retailer with manufacturer and helped Jahn accomplish his goal.   In 1945, the Miami Hall of Science opened at 300 East Flagler Street. 1  In the early 1950's, A.C. sent layout builder Frank Castiglione to build a display layout there, but it was an ordinary display layout.  Jahn and Gilbert were apparently friends, sharing an interest in magic. 2

There is little documentation available on this Hall of Science but I am currently attempting research it further.


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