Gimbel's - Philadelphia, PA

The photos below appeared in the Train Collectors Quarterly in January of 1997 and can be found on page 30 of that issue.  Click here to see that article (TCA members only)  It was provided at that time by its then owner, Dave Garrigues and is clearly identified as being from 1949.   The date can be corroborated by the presence of a 4904 set headed by a 290 Pacific, which was introduced in 1949.  That set can be seen on the second step of the display shown in the last photo on this page.  While that train set was also offered in 1950 and 1951, this display is definitely a pre 1950 display based on the lack of diesels and rubber roadbed.  On the left side of the layout close up immediately below, you can see a loop of what appears to be HO track as well as an HO station and crossing along with an S gauge crossing.  

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Closeup of Layout
The Layout Close Up

Full view of layout
Full View of the Layout & Displays

View of Train Department
A View of the Train Displays

Set Displayed
A View of Sets Displayed