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1950  99 American Flyer Train Display 4X6
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Display number 99 - 1950
Illustration courtesy of Lonny Beno

Lonny Beno recently obtained this brochure and produced this scan for inclusion on the website.  It is an advertising brochure for a dealer display layout offered in 1950, as evidenced by the numbers of the train sets named and displayed in the illustration.  This display was one of the earliest displays produced and marketed to dealers as a means of attracting purchasers.  It was preceded only by the number 98 display, which marked the beginning of efforts by Gilbert to move from custom built displays to standard factory models.  It is interesting to note that the Aircraft Beacon illustrated in the brochure looks more like the 773 Oil Derrick.  This was actually an early illustration of a prototype version of the Aircraft Beacon, which is shown on page 22 of the 1950 advance catalog.  See illustration below.  For an updated version of this layout as sold in 1951, see Display 116.