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Eureka Stores - Windber, PA

The Eureka Department Store in Windber, Pennsylvania was the main company store for the Berwind-White Coal Company.  Windber was a company town located near Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  The store, which was quite large for a company store, was located at 15th and Sommerset Streets in Windber.  The store is no longer in operation and the building has been used for other businesses as late as 2009.  I don't know if this is still the case today.

The equipment and display shown in these photos lead me to believe that the display is from 1950.  The inserts at the top of the display changed from year to year, but only the 1950 displays featured an "Electronic Whistle" as opposed to later inserts that featured an "Air Chime Whistle."  Also, the whistling billboard shown in the photo features an Alco PA.  That locomotive and the billboard whistle featuring it, were not manufactured until 1950, so the photos could be no earlier than that.  The presence of a depressed center floodlight car with generator, which was first introduced in 1950 also dates this as 1950.  Finally, at the upper left hand corner of the second photo, you will find something that is extremely rare.  Take a look at the sectional view below and you will find a chromed Santa Fe Alco with the red warbonnet.  Very few of these are known to exist today and they were only made in early 1950, which conclusively establishes that these shots are from 1950.  Who would ever guess that this extremely rare and valuable locomotive was once sold in a company store in a Pennsylvania mining town.

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Eureka Stores Display
The Eureka Stores Display

Front View of Display
Front View of Display

Closeup of Layout
Closeup of Layout

Sectional view of Chromed Also with warbonnet
Sectional view of chromed Santa Fe Alco PA with war bonnet
Note the black trucks on the locomotive & cars, a rare variation on this rare set.