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Shelburne Museum

Electra Havemayer Webb and her husband were good friends of A. C. Gilbert's.  They both accompanied him on various hunting trips.  Electra was quite wealthy and a collector of Americana.   She eventually established a museum on her estate in Shelburne, Vermont.   She decided that the museum should have an exhibit of toy trains to accompany the other toys in her collection.  She wanted the layout to represent the hills and other geographic features of Vermont.   What she initially got was a rather flat layout with only a backdrop planned to represent the scenery she wanted.   She objected vociferously and changes were made after she made it clear that money was no object.  For the full story of this episode, I recommend an article by Roger Carp in the August 1992 issue of Classic Toy Trains at page 55.

Three photos from the Ray Mohrlang Collection are presented.  They are dated 1954.  I have not been able to identify the individuals pictured on the layout.   Another similar photo is contained in the article cited above.

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