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1949 98 Scenic Display 4X6
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Number 98 brochure
Promotional sheet courtesy of Ray Mohrlang
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The number 98 is the earliest of the cataloged displays that I have been able to find.  Prior to that all displays were pretty much custom made, according to Andy Jugle.   It is interesting that the value of the stock provided in the display is $98 and the number of the display is also 98.   I can't help think that is how they came up with the number for the display, which doesn't seem to fit with other factory display numbers. 
Ray Mohrlang's Restored #98
Photo of Ray Mohrlang's restored #98 Display, complete with shelf unit (Click on photos to view full size)
Photo courtesy of Ray Mohrlang
The photo above is Ray Mohrlang's  restored number 98 display which came from the Firestone store in Pueblo, Colorado, where it was in use from 1949 - 1951.   When Rubber Roadbed came out in 1950, the layout was updated by the Firestone store.  When Ray restored it, he had planned to remove the non-original rubber roadbed, but eventually decided to leave it in place in the interest of quieter running.  He also added the circus set which was not part of the original display.


Instructions for No. 98 Display
Reproduction of original document courtesy of Mike Schmidt
98 shelf unit
Shelf Unit from a number 98 Display
Paul Guaraglia Collection


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