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Small Boy with HO Trains

The smile and joyful expression on this young boy's face must have been just what Gilbert wanted.  It was used in multiple versions of the 1961-62 Catalogs as shown below on both the cover and at the head of the HO section.   An interesting side note on this photo is that Gilbert never made a C & O gondola like the one pictured in front of the drum loader.   That model appears to be a Marx model.  Also note the caboose body with cupola on the tie-jector car just behind the F3 diesel in the foreground.  That appears to be a prototype version and appears to take up the entire width of the car, unlike the production model.  It appears to be a different casting than that used on the S gauge model shown in Transparency 3 and Transparency 4.

1961-62 Catalog HO Section  1961-62 Catalog Cover
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