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1958   28119 2 Level Landscaped Action Display 5X9
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28119-M4195_5x9.jpg (285452 bytes)
All illustrations courtesy of Richard Trotter

Documented in "Almost Complete Guide to American Flyer Sets" by Robert Tufts.  Probable illustration of layout found in brochure M4195, but not labeled by number.   The track contents noted in Tufts matches exactly the track contents noted with the illustration and the accessories cataloged by Tufts match those shown in the illustration, with one exception.    Tufts catalogs a Log Loader and the layout as illustrated appears to have a Sawmill instead.  This appears to be an updated version of the 28113 display cataloged in 1957, featuring some of the newer accessories such as the cow-on-track and the sawmill.  One other possible change from the 28113, as noted by Daryl Olszeski, is that the floodlight tower might be a "Gabe the Lamplighter" as evidenced by the additional 2 button controller visible in the lower left of the catalog illustration.  The fact that "Gabe" was introduced in 1958, the year this layout was offered, also makes its presence on this layout quite likely.
Correctly Oriented Track Plan
28119-M4195_5x9-plan-rotated.jpg (96964 bytes)