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HO Drum Loader

This photo may have been taken on the 200 5th Avenue layout.  We can probably date this photo to 1959 or possibly 1960 as it shows Drum Loader first offered in 1959.  I suspect these photos are from 1959, rather than 1960 as the collection of photos omits the new Alco DL-600 set not offered in 1959.  Also arguing in favor of a 1959 date is that fact that the accessory pictured is a prototype version, not the version as actually manufactured.   For more information on the accessory click here.  The only photo I have seen that shows that entire 200 5th Avenue layout appears to have an elevated area for HO and that is where I think this photo might have been taken.   It is possible that a masked version of this photo was used in catalog illustrations like the one below from a 1959 brochure.

Drum Loader from 1959 Brochure
Catalog Illustrations Courtesy of

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