All Aboard Pre-production Prototypes

Photos of pre-production samples of the All Aboard Panels from the Ray Mohrlang Collection
This photo shows several layouts put together with panels that appear to be of the types eventually released. This panel and the three that follow it in the slide show seem to indicate that originally there was an attempt to create four distinct curved panels.  This one featured a rather box like mountain. This panel is quite different from the production curved panels.  The roads crossing the track are absent with a curved road section in its place.  There are no mountain foundations.  This panel appears to be designed to hold the power supply. In this panel we see the road junction crossing the tracks.  There is a rolling hill on the outside, but no mountain elements on the inside of the curve.
This panel has a more flattened hill on the outside of the curve and the road junction crossing the tracks, but still not hill development on the inside of the curve. This straight panel differs from production panels by its lack of a lake or dry lake bed This straight panel is quite similar to the panel in the preceding photo This layout is assembled from the early prototype sections
This simple layout is assembled from panels that resemble production types.  One difference that can be seen is a "snow tunnel" at the lower left that is quite different from the production panels.  This may be a prototype for the Winter Wonderland set. Again more white panels that could be either prototypes for the Winter Wonderland set or simply unpainted panels. Again, more white panels Production style panels assembled in the form that eventually became the large Champion set.
A display of what eventually became the production version of the panels. I am not sure what to make of this photo and the next one.  They appear to be All Aboard Panels, but I cannot see how the panel track joins the figure eight trackage. It may be that the track is mounted on a sub roadbed which is separate from the panels and can either sit on the panel or be elevated in certain portions, as would be the case with the figure eight. Tag accompanying these photos