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1959-60    28135 Badlands Display 4X6
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This particular display is unique in that it contains an unknown station building.  A whistling billboard was included which, at least on some displays, was activated by an electronic track trip.  (see S Gaugian, Jan-Feb 2000, American Flyer Collector's column, pg. 37

Photo of Display Under Restoration

This display is the same one described in the above referenced S Gaugian article.  As you can see it bears the marks of its partial dismantling for conversion to an HO layout.  It is currently being restored to its original configuration by Richard Trotter, Ray Mohrlang's nephew who obtained the layout from his late Uncle's Estate.   Ray had purchased the layout from its previous owner.

Note the fiber roadbed and the use of two 1/2 straight sections of track to widen the oval.  Also note the unique billboard photo on the whistle and its placement on the side of the tunnel.   The colors on this layout are quite a contrast to the uncolored photos shown in the catalogs.  On this layout, the whistle was activated by a trip located in the tunnel.   We will have more information as the restoration proceeds.  For a larger display click on the image below.

Badlands Layout Restoration
Photo courtesy of Richard Trotter

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